Chouchou Touch

Carnations Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow, 16" X 24" Case Only


Chouchou Touch silk velvet ikat pillows are made of %100 pure silk. Ikat is a pattern that is created by applying tie dye technique to the yarn and then patterns woven into fabric with a hand loom. Ikat tradition of weaving dates back to 18th and 19th century  silk road oases. Uzbek Ikats of the period are sought after antiques and could be admired in museum collections today.

Chouchou Touch brings back centuries old weaving tradition and patterns with a contemporary flair. These Ikat pillows would complete your interior looks as a lustrous and colorful accent.

Our products are created of a premium construction thus you would be able to enjoy them for years to come.

With their smooth textures and materials our collections focus on your tactile sense.

Touch and feel the Chouchou Touch!

Insert Not Included

 Size      : 16" X 24"

Weight : 5.3 Oz

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