Chouchou Touch

Black Bee Velvet Throw Pillow Cover 12 X 20


Chouchou Touch Black Bee Throw Pillow Cover With Metal Embroideries 12 X 20

Our Black Bee sofa pillow is adorned with floral fauna motifs created with hand made golden metal embroideries.

Metal embroidery technique was used since medieval times to adorn textiles and fabrics for the royalties of the time and was used on tapestries and ceremonial clothing as well as for upholstery. We bring ages old metal thread hand embroidery techniques back on our decorative pillows to add and elegant touch to your interiors.

Our throw cushions will add a sophisticated look to your environment and look fabulous on your sofas and couches

Our skilled craftsman meticulously handcraft our pillows with elaborate skills for our client's appreciation.

With their smooth textures and materials our collections focus on your tactile sense.

Touch and feel the Chouchou Touch!

Material : Black Velvet, Viscose, Golden Metal Embroideries

Size : 12" X 20"

Weight : 8 Oz

Insert Not Included

Care : Dry Cleaning Only

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