Chouchou Touch

Striped Napkins In Seven Colors, Set of 4

Chouchou Touch Striped Napkins In Seven Colors, Set of 4, 21" X 21"

Our Striped Napkins In Seven Colors are hand made. They are crafted by our skilled artisans to meet your expectations.

Chouchou Touch Napkins are a great foundation for your tabletops. Use them at your fancy parties or at your casual family gatherings.

Our products are created of a premium construction thus you would be able to enjoy them for years to come.

With their smooth textures and materials our collections focus on your tactile sense.

Touch and feel the Chouchou Touch!

Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, no bleach. Wash separately from dark colors although you could wash them with like colors

Do not tumble dry. Steam iron on linen setting, iron while damp.

Material: %55 Cotton %45 Polyester

Dimensions: 21'' X 21''

Weight: 1.1 Oz per napkin.

We develop our products for kitchen and dining enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their culinary experience with our luxurious touch.

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