Chouchou Touch

Pisces Placemats, Set of 2, 14"


Chouchou Touch Pisces Placemats, Set of 2, 14" 

Chouchou Touch Pisces glass beaded placemats takes inspiration from Minoan pottery designs of ancient Helens, modern day Greece.

Our Pisces placemats are hand made and adorned with gold and white glass beads backed with cotton lining.

Glass beads give an extra depth to this preciously hand crafted item and are very shiny.

Pisces glass beaded placemats are crafted of high quality materials thus you would be able to enjoy them for many times of use.

Add a sophisticated bling to your table tops with our luxury glass beaded placemats.

With their textures and materials our collections focus on your tactile sense.

Touch and feel the Chouchou Touch!

Size : 14"

Weight : 7.3 Oz per set

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