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Swedish Mid Century Rug by Judith Johansson, 5' X 7'


Judith Johansson "Summer Night" Signed Flatweave Swedish Mid Century Rug

Judith Johansson, a carpet, "Sommarnatt", flat weave, 80 X 55 Inches, signed JJ.

Mid-century Scandinavian flat-woven wool rug designed by Judith Johansson (1916-1993).

A melange ground in a variety of green, blue and violet nuances with rows of polychrome geometric shapes.

The rug was woven at her atelier at Knared in Halland in the mid of the 20th century. The design is called "Sommarnatt" or "Summer night". Successive rows of geometric shapes and squares in beige and pastel colors on a rich blue background give a modern look to this timeless rug.

Judith Johansson created over 400 designs for carpets and other fabrics during her life time. Together with her husband, she ran JJ Vävateljén in Knäred for 55 years and have made an everlasting imprint in the Swedish röllakan scenery.

The couple started a weaving studio in Knäred in 1938. Judith created designs and weaved together with employees, while her husband set up the weave. In addition, he would warp, solve and sometimes knit the fringes on the finished items. John took care of the administrative and supported his wife in her artistic creation so they were spouses but also workmates.

At the end of the 1940s, Judith Johansson studied at the Textile Institute in Borås (now the School of Textiles). She took inspiration from nature and began making the beautiful pattern compositions for which she is still known today.

Judith Johansson was offered work as the artistic leader at the craft school Capellagården, founded in 1958 by Carl Malmsten. She declined and choose to continue her work with church textiles that had gained a prominent place in the studio’s work. Knäred’s congregation was the first to order a mat to the church. And after that, other churches, shipping companies, department stores and embassies ordered her rugs. So now Judith’s textiles can be found in some seventy churches around Sweden.

One of Judith’s most famous undertakings came from the Swedish king Gustaf VI Adolf. Judith was asked to adorn Prince Eugene’s room in the dormitory at Vadstena Monastery with a new carpet. So Judith took inspiration from “a dewdrop in midsummer time” and created the carpet “Blomsterkrans” (flower wreath).

All Judith’s rugs have an oriental border and her fringes are always square braided. Judith Johansson marked her creations JJ.

Age: 1950's

Material: Wool

Weight: 12.36 Lb

Size:  5' X 7' (80" X 55") 

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