Chouchou Touch

Ivory Guest Towels With Floral Borders, Set of 2


Chouchou Touch Ivory Guest Towels With Floral Borders Set of 2

Soft and fresh guest towels are a sign of a proper host. Add an elegant touch to your bathroom with our guest towels crafted with extraordinary quality Turkish cotton.

Decorated with floral French borders these towels keep their fresh and new look after many times of use thanks to their high end construction and best quality materials.

With their smooth textures and materials our collections focus on your tactile sense.

Touch and feel the Chouchou Touch!

Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, do not bleach. Wash separately from dark colors.

Material: 100% Cotton.

Dimensions: 12" X 20" Inches

Weight: 3.4 Oz per towel.

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